Dog obedience courses for beginners

Enhance your dog’s education by letting him/her attend our Basic Obedience Academy. Where every dog has the chance to be our #1 Cadet! Here at The 1 Dog Trainer Academy, LLC, canine obedience education starts with teaching your dog focus and control. We interactively guide your dog to learn in the two ways all dogs have in common, which is learning through both an associative and a habitual routine.  For example, we show your dog what “heel” means and how being in the heel position allows him to feel confident in your commands and wishes while creating consistent habits. This is the basis of teaching your dog obedience.

The Basic Obedience Academy will focus on teaching your dog obedience commands, combined with basic leash training. For example, your dog will learn how to properly heel on a leash with and without distractions, sit automatically when you come to a stop, sit/stay both on and off-leash, down/stay both on and off-leash, recall both on and off-leash into sitting heel position. This combination of commands and leash training will ensure that your dog stays safe, focused, and under control regardless of if you are in-home or out enjoying the community together. This learned and habitual routine will allow you and your dog to enjoy each other in a respectful, peaceful and relaxed interaction for many joyful and, most importantly, safe years to come! 

We offer some of the best dog obedience training in the area, so we hope you sign up your dog to be one of our newest Cadets!

**During the Basic Obedience Academy, we also work on any existing “bad and unwanted” behavior from housebreaking, jumping, in-home manners and socialization.

Details and requirements

Cadets in Basic Obedience Academy will also receive:

  • The owner must drop off at the scheduled time the day of training and pick up
  • Behavior and command review at pick up(1 hour)
  • 3 follow up review classes after pick up (1 hour each and within 2-3 weeks of drop off)

Basic Obedience Academy Eligibility: We encourage all breeds within ages 6 months to 6 years.

Requirements for Enrollment: All dogs must have proof of current Rabies, DHLP & Bordetella vaccinations, monthly flea/tick prevention, and heartworm prevention.

Travel fee applies to all clients outside a 45 miles radius of the Academy location fees are:
$50 45-64 miles
$75 65-84 miles
$100 85-105 miles

**This training isn’t intended to work on, correct, or fix any problems associated with people aggression, child aggression, social aggression, fear, or animal aggressiveness.