Service training for dogs in our local community

One of the most inspiring and satisfying services we offer is to those with disabilities.  We are so proud of our Service Animal Academy and the wonderful handlers with which we get the privilege to work.  Because the service dog industry can be costly and it can be difficult to obtain an already trained dog, we joyfully and humbly offer our service dog training program to individuals who need a service animal to help navigate this world. We hope to enhance lives while creating ability with the help of the perfect service animal, taught by our assistance dog training program! 

With the increase rate of “fake” service dogs, we only offer our dog training services to individuals who meet all requirements by law. Training assistance dogs requires that we hold our Cadets to some of the highest standards in our Academy. Our Service Animal Academy Cadets must pass a strict testing process and have completed not only our Basic Obedience Academy but also must qualify for our Advanced Obedience Academy. Potential Service Animal Cadets must prove to be without aggression or fear, have proper impulse control and are stable in all social and public places with both humans and other animals, and must possess the physical and psychological abilities to carry out needed tasks for the owner/handler.

Our integrated approach to service dog training

Depending on your need, Service Animal Academy trainers will determine the skills taught to your dog in consultation with you to ensure a common and consistent goal. Our Service Animal Cadet will be given service dog training in tasks including, but not limited to: mobility training, medical alert training, retrieval training, and psychiatric service dog training (emotional support and PTSD). Each owner/handler has different needs from the service animal, which is why your service animal training is tailored specifically to your individual needs.

Training a dog to be a service dog is no simple task–we do not use a cookie cutter approach or short cuts. This ensures your safety and that your medical needs will be met. Our integrated training approach guarantees that you can entrust your Service Animal with your well-being. You will be deeply involved in the development and training for your service animal giving you 100% assurance that your needs will be met while growing your confidence to trust and rely on your Service Animal Academy Graduate!

Details and requirements

Cadets in Service Animal Academy also receive:

  • 180 hours combined training of obedience, socialization, public training and individualized training (including 7 days per month of one-on-one training at our Academy as needed)
  • Weekly individual or group training at your home or in public places (depending on tasks being taught)
  • Handbook and owner/trainer log sheets
  • Service Dog ID and Certificate upon completion of training

Service Animal Academy Program Eligibility: Only available to dogs who have been pre-approved, or begin training at 8 weeks of age specifically for your needs.

Requirements for Enrollment: All dogs must have proof of current Rabies, DHLP & Bordetella vaccinations, monthly flea/tick prevention and heartworm prevention.