Training a puppy can be tough–we can help!

Jump start your puppy’s training with our foundation puppy training classes designed to help your puppy get the full understanding of proper positions and commands that he/she will need for future obedience training.

Our puppy classes utilize praise-based teaching along with treats and a handled harness to reward and teach your puppy without the stress of correction techniques. Puppies do not come into the world knowing what we expect from them; we must show them.  Our positive enforcement training makes learning not only fun but also entertaining and keeps them coming back for more.

The Puppy Academy goes beyond just command training: we also work on instilling proper manners such as sitting/waiting patiently for feedings, pausing politely before going in and out doors and properly greeting people.  We emphasize puppy socialization with children and other animals, housebreaking and respectable in-home behavior.  Sign-up for local puppy training classes today!

Details and requirements

Cadets graduating from Puppy Academy receive:   

  • Owner must drop off at the scheduled time the day of training and pick up
  • Behavior and command review with owners the day of pick up(1 hour)
  • Follow up classes 1 week after pick up (2 hours)

Puppy Cadet Eligibility: We encourage all breeds to attend within ages 12 weeks to 22 weeks.

Requirements for Enrollment: All Puppy Cadets must have proof of 2 sets of puppy vaccines to include at least 1 Bordetella and Rabies for those 16 weeks or older.

Travel fee applies to all clients outside a 45 miles radius of the Academy location fees are:
$50 45-64 miles
$75 65-84 miles
$100 85-105 miles