We all know picking a puppy can be a hard choice. Some breeders make this choice for you or require you to pick your puppy by just looking at a photo when the pups are a few weeks old. This isn’t a bad option for choosing your pup if have chosen a trusted breeder to make the right decision for you.

Our way of choosing starts with finding a breeder who will allow us to come and meet the pups and test each pup based on your family dynamics. This is important especially if you have smaller children or family members with disabilities or special needs. We want to make sure the temperament of the puppy can match that of your family. For example, a home with infants or children with disabilities would do best with a non-alpha puppy. Alphas tend to need more direction and do better in an older child’s home with less risk of rough handling.

Temperament Testing can be done in many ways. Some breeders do this themselves and should have an outside person perform the test.

When you hire us for this, we do all the leg work for you from finding the breeder to setting up the testing of the pups.

Cost can vary based on the location of the breeder, as we may be traveling outside the state of Florida for the right breeder.

This process can take hours on the phone, emailing and reviewing videos supplied by the breeder, as well as travel time, and time involved in testing.

Details and requirements

Cost can be anywhere from $100-$1500.00 *additional fees will apply for locations that require a hotel stay.

Ask about our Puppy Raising Program as well!