Want to bring a trained puppy into your home with the benefit of being able to visit, play and love without the work of raising it? We offer a service unique for those who aren’t sure they can handle the crying and potty training of a new puppy.

Whether you have hired us for a “Puppy Pick Assistance” and decided to have us be your Puppy Raiser or have found your own puppy and want help the first few months this program offers something for everyone.

Your pup would be living in our home and learning the ins and outs of how to be a well-behaved cadet. We work on everything associated with raising a puppy.

  • Potty training / Crate Training
  • Chewing
  • Crying in the crate
  • Socialization
  • Manners
  • Obedience

This program includes your pups’ vet visits (vet cost will be covered by owner), food, toys, treats, training collars, and leashes, grooming visits (if needed based on breed, groomer cost covered by owner).

Your pup would be raised with other dogs, cats and have the joy of growing up on 5 acres to help develop a great off-leash manner and endurance for whatever life you have planned for you and your cadet.

Depending on how long you wish to have us raise your pup would determine the level of obedience taught during this raising time. All pups will have proper social skills with people (not jumping) manners when being fed, and socialization with children as well.

Your pup will learn age-appropriate obedience during the duration of this program.

Here at The 1Dog Trainer, our professional puppy raisers work together to give your puppy a well-balanced environment to grow in. Our puppy raisers are knowledgeable and assist in bringing a variety of learning opportunities with other animals, children of different ages, and general life experiences that can be important in a stable development.

We encourage our local clients to visit and set up play dates with your cadet during the raising process. At which time we can start giving you beginning training. All cadets are sent home with 2-5 days of owner training depending on what level your cadets’ training is at the time of drop off.

Details and requirements

Professional Puppy Raising is a MINIMUM of 3 months long with a max of 15 months. This can include levels of service dog and protection dog training on top obedience. (For pups 10 month-15 months)

Price is $2000.00 per month for the first 3 months, $1500 per month from month 4-10, $1200 per month for months 11-15. This does not include Service or Protection training dog costs.

It is best to speak to us directly to develop a plan for you and your family with this option.