At 1 Dog Trainer Academy, our trainers hold many dog training certificates. The proudest accomplishment in my career thus far is the privilege of handling one of my trained Cadets for The Discovery Channel. It is always amazing to have success in every day life with my Cadets, but seeing a dog I trained perform flawlessly while on set with major distractions was definitely memorable.

Clients Include: Sports Athletes, Actors/Actress, TV Personalities, Top Level Business Leaders/Owners and Professionals, and families/individuals from overseas and from all walks of life.

Although The 1 Dog Trainer Academy is not a breeding facility, I have bred and whelped over 17 litters of German Shepherd Dogs, giving me experience and knowledge on procuring you a suitable dog as desired.

I have attended and completed so many courses, I cannot possibly list them all; however, here are the most well known companies I am certified through:

In order to ensure The 1 Dog Trainer Academy stays on the cutting edge of our industry, I continue to seek and attend seminars to continue my education and knowledge of training techniques and behavior modifications (including canine health).

My training comes recommended from the following local animal care services: