IN HOME – 1 on 1 Solutions Class

1:1 classes are personal and designed to work on individual issues in the home by targeting a specific issue,  dealing with a behavior (Non-Aggression related). These courses are also recommended for new puppy owners to help get you started off with setting good manners, behaviors and teaching some puppy commands. This class is offered for ages 8 weeks to 6 years. We can address behaviors such as setting a good potty routine, door manners, manners while greeting people, counter-surfing, chewing, and much more. For those pups who are in need of more puppy commands, we can show you how to start working on some fun command games to help you and your pup through the imprinting weeks. We encourage new puppy owners to set up a few classes especially if you have enrolled your pup into our IN-HOME puppy academy or IN-HOME basic academy course at a later date.

Our trainers come to your home for a 1-hour session. We offer advice and recommendations to assist you with choosing the right training tools specifically for your pup. We strive to make sure you have a good understanding of how to keep working with your pup on the issues or commands we came to address.

Details and requirements

(These classes are not intended to replace our academy courses)