This 2-week in-home course is offered to cadets 12 weeks to 21 weeks of age only.

We come to your home 1 hour a day Mon- Fri for 2 weeks. When you enroll you are set up on a training schedule that will stay the same for the duration of the 2 weeks. Our trainers will come and address any puppy behavior issues you are dealing with. We make sure the ENTIRE family is included and taught how to be consistent and work together to achieve the same goals with your cadet. We will work directly with your cadet on all manners inside the home from greeting guests, sitting, and waiting for meals, stopping bad habits before they form. We work with front door etiquette, sitting politely to putting on the collar and leash.

We start working on teaching puppy commands of sit, down, stay and come on and off the leash. We introduce the proper heel position and leash manners. Training collars are included in the cost.

We feel it is important to listen to what your goals are for your cadet and tailor the course to goals that will meet standards and work for your cadet and family. We offer field trips to pet friendly places to enhance the social and environmental experience for your pup. We work on building confidence and independence for both you and your pup!

Details and requirements

We train your family on the 1st Friday of the 1st week and give you homework to work on for the weekend. We train again on the last Friday of the 2nd week. Follow-up classes are offered in the event you need that extra day with us. Up to 2 classes at no additional charge.

We encourage you to consider having your cadet attend our next stage of training when the time is right. All repeat clients get a $200 discount on the next stage of training. Multiple Cadet Discounts are also offered.

Price is $1300.00, 1/2 the balance is due on day 1 and the 2nd payment is due at the start of week 2. Additional travel fees apply to clients outside of a 30 miles radius of our trainers’ Debary or Umatilla location. The trainer will depend on client’s location.