A personal protection dog to guard family and home

Protection training isn’t for everyone or every dog! We are not a sport trainer, but we do believe that some dogs have a natural ability to protect what is theirs and some achieve this through personal protection dog training. The average person is happy and content knowing their dog will alert them when something is out of the ordinary or someone is at the door. Others want the peace of mind knowing that without a doubt their personal protection dog will truly protect the family and home and go beyond just alerting them, as well as wanting the peace of mind to control/stop natural protective behavior.

Due to the nature of personal protection dog training, we only offer this to owners whose dog are breed capable of protection work, who are of sound mind and body, exhibit stable temperament, and who are proven animal and child safe.  THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS OFFERING.

Any Personal Protection Academy Cadet MUST have completed our Basic Academy and been temperament tested for confidence, stability and courage.  In addition, owners must be equipped with exceptional leadership skills in order to ensure a safe and stable environment for Cadets. Unlike other “trainers,” we do not start “bite work” until a dog is mature enough to understand why he/she are biting as well as being capable to physically take on the challenges of bite work.

Details and requirements

Personal Protection Academy Cadets also receive:

  • 8 – 12 weeks of total training, including obedience, socialization, civil and aggression training
  • 14 – 21 days of one-on-one training at out Academy (2 weeks off between training weeks)
  • Combined 8 hours of owner handling training
  • Certificate upon completion of training

Personal Protection Academy Program Eligibility: Only dogs/owners who have been pre-approved and dogs who are of sound mind and body, exhibit stable temperament, and who are proven animal and child safe. Ages 10 months – 3 years.

Requirements for Enrollment: All dogs must have proof of current Rabies, DHLP & Bordetella vaccinations, monthly flea/tick prevention and heartworm prevention.