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Caring for Your Dog: Just Who to Listen to and Take Advice From

It has been brought to my attention many times over the years that most people don’t know exactly who they should listen to when it comes to their dogs. I find this more often with first-time puppy/dog owners, especially those who are purchasing or adopting an 8 week old puppy. Who they should listen to when it comes what to feed, what toys to buy, where to groom, how often to bath, which vet to choose, which training methods to choose, how to pick a trainer, what food to feed--the list goes on and on. The biggest conflict I am finding right now is company employees or business owners who operate one type of business, but advise and suggest things to pet owners about something that is not related to what they are selling. Here is the general rule I suggest all pet owners to follow: First, always do [...]

Why I Continue My Education as a Professional Dog Trainer

This past weekend I attended a 3 day training seminar for A-Z Free Heeling from the current 3 times world sport dog trainer.  Although I have never been into sport dog training, I have handled many titled dogs throughout my career and I enjoy watching the competitions and talking with those handlers / trainers in that field of training. I have always been fascinated with the art of sport dog training and wondered how do they get these dogs so in tune with them. So thanks to a client’s support, I was able to attend this course. Learning from a professional sport dog trainer Never in my wildest dreams did I